Ready to Get Unstuck And Get Your Life Flowing Again?

A Live In-Person One-Day Workshop @ Dublin

With Author, Coach & Speaker Patricia Lohan

8th June 2019

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Use the Magnetic Power Of Feng Shui to Create Your Next Level Vision, Release the Blocks Holding You Back to Start to Attract in Your Biggest Desires

Do you want to turn up the volume on your manifesting, so you can attract in more money, love, joy and success?

Are you ready to watch your wildest dreams become your reality — with ease, grace and flow?

Is this the year you make your best life happen?

Before you can bring your vision to life, you first have to see it clearly. That’s why having a clear vision is such a powerful tool for manifesting your desires.

The problem is we are often led astray by what we think we want, what other people want for us and we end up lost.

On a path that really isn’t filling up our cup

Or looking around at the life we have created thinking is this it?

The problem is most of us don’t really know what we really really want and how to turn it around.

The Truth Is

You are closer to turning things around than you think. Now it’s about getting out of your own way and allowing yourself to receive it.

You are invited to join Patricia Lohan for a day of diving deep into her very own Visioning Process, that has allowed her to manifest her husband, create a successful online business, move to Bali, get Global Media attention, write a book and so much more.

At this one day workshop you’ll get the opportunity to step away from ‘real’ life and get the support, guidance, and wisdom you need to unlock the true power within you, the vision buried deep down — and discover how to use it to become the woman you were born to be.

Guided every step of the way by Patricia, you’ll shed the layers of invisible blocks and resistance that have been keeping you stuck.

You will unstick the beliefs of who you think you’re supposed to be as you step into who you really are.

The you who knows she was meant for more.

The you who is ready to get back on track with your dreams.

The you who craves inspiration, connection and a breath of fresh air.

Think About It

What if you could combine the undeniable magic of a vision board with the magnetic power of feng shui and identify & clear all the internal blocks to manifest the life of your dreams?


One Day Magical Event where you will step away from your present reality to recreate a new Vibrant Vision for your life.

This transformational day we will work from the inside out to identify & release the blocks which are holding you back from realising your dreams.

Join a group of like minded individuals for a day of Reflection, Meditation, Movement, Magic, Sacred Circle, Healing & Fun

You will come away refreshed, rejuvenated, inspired & connected to your vision

8th June 2019

Clayton Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

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You’ve never attended an event like this before!

On the day you will: 

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8th June 2019

Clayton Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

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Let me answer some of your burning questions

What will the day entail?

Arriving for Registration from 8.30am

The sessions will begin at 9.30am

There will be a schedule set out for the day including Meditations, Visioning, Clearing Sessions, Gentle Movement, Facilitated Transformation Circles, Journalling Exercises, Also lots of surprises along the way to make this the most incredible day.

How much is it?

The event is US$ 98 for the full day of workshops, meditations and powerful transformation.

What time will it end?


Are meals included?

There are no meals included but there are plenty of great cafes in the area.

Will be making a Vision Board on the Day?

A vision board is a visualization tool of your biggest hopes, dreams and goals — on this day we will discuss how to use feng shui your vision board, but we will be diving deep into creating a crystal clear vision and releasing what’s holding you back up until now to allow your biggest dreams into your reality. After our day you will have the tools to allow the power of the whole universe to manifest your desires

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What people have said about Live Events I’ve hosted before…

I attended Patricia’s Manifestation Workshop and to say it was life changing is an understatement. I wasn’t in a great place at the time, years and years of trying to conceive and pregnancy losses had left me worn out. As soon as I got to the venue I could feel the energy and I knew it was going to be magical! Meeting Patricia was amazing, she is this beautiful light and full of love and kindness. It was such a lovely group of likeminded people and the whole day was filled with laughter and fun. All the manifestation exercises I was thinking about my baby and guess what, it worked!! 2 months later I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter! I would recommend this workshop to anyone, you won’t regret it ☺️

Osha Keys

To say that Patricia’s workshop was impactful is an understatement! She guided us through a very powerful visualization + other tools, which open something up for me and made me connect to my deeper wisdom and knowing. As a result, I completely changed my life: moved countries, upgraded my business and left a 10-year relationship. Basically, it showed me where I was out of alignment, and gave me the courage to made hard but right decisions.
It’s been about 12 months since that workshop and I can’t even recognize my life now! For the better!

Osha Keys
Karen Bowers

I attended 2 of Patricia’s workshops one in Wicklow and 1 in Bray. The day was amazing from start to finish. From meditations to yoga to journaling, angels cards and so much more. Sitting on the grass having a picnic and sharing food just brought back the simple life for me. Patricia is a joy to be around, her energy is contagious & she has a wealth of knowledge. I love it and her😀 I cannot wait for the next one

Karen Bowers
Helene Weiss

The workshop with Patricia really guided me deep into my soul and I finally saw the parts that still needed to be seen and grown to become the person I so desperately wanted to be back then. It was a major and very powerful insight for me, and Patricia’s facilitation was so amazing that I walked out feeling good about myself and feel that it’s ok to not have all the answers just yet, but that it is this moment of awareness and insight that makes all the difference in the end. Thank you Patricia

Helene Weiss
Melanie Midges

‘I highly recommend this workshop, and also shed one piece of advice ~ be very careful with your words, because what you ask for will happen!

This workshop is phenomenal. Patricia’s ability to hold space has an energetic amplification that is hard to put into words.

After taking us through a series of processes, for me it truly anchored and gave the universe a clear message of what I wished to attract into my life.

Not long after the workshop, life took a bit of an unexpected turn. When eventually when I looked back on what I had written that day it made so much sense... divine intervention was most definitely at play! To bring in the new, you need to release the old.

My vision is big and was very different from my reality at that time. And even months on I can still feel the ripple effect from that workshop as my vision continues to unfold.

Thank you Patricia. You have a very special and indescribable gift that assists to us to activate our true passions & purpose. Simply amazing ❤️💫

Melanie Midges

I attended the Vision to Reality Transformation Day in the beautiful Brigits Garden in Galway.

As a member of the FB group for some time I knew it would be a nice day for #MeTime... but with the mix of wonderful souls there, the venue & our amazing facilitator!

It was Magical - as stated on the event page.

We are all on a journey & a day like this allows your to play, to be, to think & dream our dreams to reality.

The activities we did are all very re-useable & the tips & joy of the day are still with us, even as I reflect a week later as the Ah-Ha's keep trickling in.

Thank you Patricia


Much Love Caroline

What a wonderful fun filled day oozing connection, insight and joy. I would highly recommend any events with Patricia. She is magical

Alen Wex

Live In Person One Day Workshop In Dublin

8th June 2019

Clayton Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland

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About Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan is an author, speaker and Feng Shui Expert. She is manifesting queen renowned for making her dream life come true and enabling others to do the same. She has helped thousands of women create their dream lives by tapping into the innate power of their vision and their homes and turning them and their living spaces into supercharged magnets for manifestation. Patricia lives in Bali with her husband Ken.

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